Ashley Carter

Events Specialist

Lover of all things fashion, food, and lifestyle, Ashley started in events as a junior in college. Excited by what she could bring to the event scene, she took on many projects in her undergrad years that allowed her to explore her passion for creation. She’s a hardworking Capricorn who leads a colorful life and has a hard time saying no. Enamored by her blackness she realized that her voice serves a purpose for the advancement of her sisters within the Black community. Graduating with her Bachelor Degree in Public Relations, Ashley’s excited to learn more as she continues to make strides in diversifying the industry.

Special Events Intern

Internships are for the spring/ summer and commitment is between 8- 12 hrs a week…

This is America

Choreographed by Sherrie Silver and produced by writer Ibra Ike, “This is America” debuted May…