Curl Fest 2017 recap

If I could sum up CurlFest 2017 in a few words: Magic, Melanin, Community, Hype!

CurlFest is a one-day festival put on by a beautiful group of women who call themselves Curly Girl Collective. This was the third year for the festival.

CurlFest 2017 was held on July 15th in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY. This was my second year attending the event, and man was there a HUGE turnout!

Photography by Jamel Love.

Last year, CurlFest was held in the same park but in a more confined area. This year, I would say the crowd more than doubled, and the Curly Girl Collective was definitely expecting it to.

About a month prior, when the tickets for CurlFest went on sale, it was a surprise to everyone how fast they began to sell out. Within 15 minutes of the tickets going live, it became a struggle to obtain just one early bird ticket, which guaranteed a CurlFest goodie bag filled with hair products and samples.  

After an hour of blood, sweat, tears, and refreshing the webpage 100 times, I finally got my early bird ticket! But it didn’t stop there.

When it was time for general admission tickets to go on sale, the site couldn’t even handle the number of people that were trying to secure their spot for the possibility of getting a goodie bag while supplies lasted. The site crashed so many times that the ticketing process had to be transferred over to a different website.

So yes, you could say that Curly Girl Collective, and everyone else, knew this year was going to be big!

It was so inspiring to see so many beautiful men, women, and children celebrating their natural hair and beauty.

Photography by Jamel Love.

CurlFest is definitely the ultimate natural hair experience. I can’t wait for another year filled with hair, beauty, fashion, and food. What more could you ask for?

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