Its time we take a second look at our self-care routine

By: Passion Fiya

On a scale of 1 to 10. How good would you say your self-care routines are? Are you nourishing the mind, body, and soul?  Are you doing any activities that stimulate your brain?  do you feed your body all the necessary nutrients daily? Do you partake in Physical activity? Because all of the above, contribute to good health.

You believe you eat healthily, you take in 3 square meals a day, and go to bed at the same time every night, so you think you should be in good health. Right? Well, allow me to place a greater focus on physical fitness.

Say you haven’t worked out or done any intense physical activity in months. So Your body has been pretty stagnant. That my friend changes the entire ball game.

A 2018 study done by Harvard researchers,  show, that only 3% of the people in America have good health. Surprising huh? What are the chances of you being included in that 3%? And how could you possibly be included if physical fitness isn’t part of your agenda?

Physical fitness is not only good for one’s physical health but also one’s brain health.  So it’s impossible for you to be in perfectly gold health without it.

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A team of researchers, led by Laura Chaddock-Hey man, found that greater aerobic fitness is associated with more fibrous and compact white matter. Which is a type of tissue that is directly connected to learning and brain function? People with lower levels of aerobic fitness were linked to weaker white matter, and as a result, performed worse on memory and reasoning tests.

So for all those who questioned P.E during school years, it makes sense now huh.

In addition to that, physical fitness has been known to reduce the risk of developing many diseases and improving the quality of one’s life. Yes, being physically active has a major impact on us all. So if you haven’t been partaking in physical fitness, I strongly suggest that you start now.

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