Let Loose With These 7 Spring Break Ideas

It’s that time of the year again when students everywhere ditch their books for a week of amazing adventures! No matter where you may be on the scale of GPA madness, it’s time to drop all of your worries to have the most fun you’ve had all semester.

Whether you’ve saved for months or you’re as broke as a joke, no worries we’ve got you covered. Here are 7 care-free ways to have a slammin spring break!

Beach Getaway

Beach getaways are especially the wave if your live in an area that spirals below 20 degrees in the winter. Places like Miami, Cancun and Puerto rico are packed with students from all around the world who just want to have fun in the sun. The great thing about places like this is that they are not too expensive, especially if you plan it with a group of friends.  A few years ago, some friends and I went to PR for a whole week for only $600 each. It was a blast.

Explore a Nearby City

Take a mini road trip to the nearest city in your area for a concert, to visit a museum or to scout out new restaurants. There’s tons of things to do year-round and often times it’s not very far from home. Being in New Jersey, places like Philly and New York have tons of live shows, great tasting food and a slew of events. Just dig a little deep to see what’s in your area, create an itinerary and make a day trip out of it.  

Try Your Hometown

Don’t underestimate how much fun you can have in your own hometown. Most activities that you may think to travel miles away for are often right in your backyard. Go bowling or skating, get ice cream or Rita’s, go miniature golfing, go out to eat or go see Us in the movie theaters. There’s plenty to do and if you just put aside $100 it’s possible to do all of these activities during the week of spring break.

Spend Time With Your Family

Speaking of hometowns, plan to do something with your family during your time off. Your siblings may not admit it, but they definitely miss having you around. They’ll be so happy you thought of them and you’ll feel so good that you finally got to spend time with the people you love the most. And you may not admit it, but it’ll be the best feeling ever.


There are plenty of opportunities to volunteer locally. You can volunteer at food pantries, retirements homes, or your local library… the list goes on. There is even a such thing as volunteer vacations, which allows you to travel and help those in need. Travel with organizations like Projects Abroad to Mexico or Jamaica to help protect endangered sea turtles or provide support to early childhood development. It’s sure to be a life changing experience for not only yourself, but someone (or something) that really needs it.

Have a Staycation

Since you’ve been going hard with your studies, self-care is probably long overdue. There’s nothing wrong with using your week off to simply relax. You’ve been working your butt off and trust me, you’re not the only one who isn’t planning a trip to Miami. Take this break from school to unwind. You can do this alone or you can invite your girls over for a movie night, face mask and drinks.

Cruise On Out

For one flat rate, you can’t beat the experience of being on a cruise. Everything you need to have the most relaxing time is on the ship and when it’s time to get off, you get to explore a new place each time. Book a last minute 7 night Carribean cruise through Expedia to for only $499.  Your bound the have an experience of a lifetime.

No matter how you decide to spend your break, remember it’s called a break for a reason. Let loose and take this time to put your books to the side. You deserve it!

Ziajah Nellom

Editor in Chief

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