Life after college: Dreams DO come true

Landing my first job right out of college

By: Alissa McIntosh                                                                                             

May 13, 2018. The day that I officially completed my undergrad with honors. The day that I anticipated for so long. The day that I dedicated so many countless late nights toward.

My undergrad experience was worth every single moment but it was not until after college that I had even better eye-opening experiences.

During my time at Rutgers University, I was enrolled in the Health Information Management program. I had the opportunity to intern in the coding/HIM department in a hospital for two weeks. My experience and time there was AMAZING! I met with managers and interacted with the staff on different floors to find out what it was that I enjoyed the most in the environment.

In the beginning of my after college life, I took a lot of time to myself to and travel with friends. I, of course, made several beach trips and took in the days I had left before literally entering the “Adult World.” The part of life no one warned us about, “adulting”.

On my last day of my clinical, the director of the HIM department left me with a job offer. Exciting right? Right after graduation, I had the perfect opportunity to interview with the manager of the coding department and I’m sure you can take a lucky guess of the outcome. Mid-July, I received a phone call that left me speechless. I GOT THE JOB!! 

Photography by Jamel Love

I remember telling myself, that I believed in myself and who I was. I realized professionals in the field that I was studying saw something in me and knew that I was just as seriously determined to excel and succeed. Now every day I wake up, get ready, and walk into work happily greeting my coworkers and managers and look forward to the beginning of each week and starting each day learning something new. Everyone is so welcoming and I always feel humbly appreciated. It’s incredibly rare that a person can look forward to Mondays, right?

To my fellow college grads,

No one’s after graduation life is not the same for everyone and to compare yourself to another’s is only hurting yourself. Comparing is like dimming your light because you feel another person’s light is brighter. Please do not do that! Your uniqueness, your personality, your drive is what brings you to the perfect job you see yourself in. Everyone has a different time clock for his or her success. Keep your motivation and focus in life as strong as your hands gripped firmly on a steering wheel. No matter what, you are already an educated individual with a degree under your belt and that is the best achievement/accomplishment any grad student could ever work hard for.



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