My college freshman experience

There’s NOTHING like moving into college! It’s truly a one of a kind experience because it’s almost like getting your own apartment. You’re on your own for the first time but you get to make your space truly yours. This is my experience as a college freshman!

It was so much fun planning my room theme and shopping for decor. I share a room with one other person so, I got to come up with my own ideas of how I wanted to decorate my side of the room. On move-in day it was overwhelming but still exciting. Having my family come and help me get things settled on campus from the packing to the actual moving in part was a huge relief. Once I had all that I needed we loaded the car and my true college journey started to begin. When  I was settled into my new home my family said their goodbyes was when I was officially on my own. 

I met my roommate after I moved in. We had messaged each other beforehand but hadn’t met in person until after.  After we talked and got to know each other and it turned out that we had a lot in common, she is now a really good friend! 

Honestly,  the transition from high school to college took me some time to adjust to. I had all these new responsibilities and only me to get them done. Since you have to walk to multiple buildings to get to classes, (unlike highschool where its just one building) I took some time to walk around the campus and get familiar with it. I looked at the maps to see where my classes would be and I walked over to them. This helped me get comfortable with the campus. When it was time for classes to actually start I felt ready. 

My college experience so far has been really great and it’s giving me a big opportunity to grow, succeed and become who I want to be! I am a Freshman Undeclared Major at Rowan University and can’t wait to see where the rest of my college journey takes me!

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