Navigating college as a creative on campus

By: Aneesah Parker

I was a full-time Freshman Film major at Temple University balancing a part-time job, two video production companies, and a social/personal life. Surprisingly, my experience in college as a videographer/ photographer/ creative was very manageable.  

Luckily, I had an on campus job where I could work from my dorm and just send my work via email to my bosses. This worked out great for me because I was able to work anywhere I wanted to and have extremely flexible hours since I could work anytime that I wanted. Working on my production company (Neesah Films) that I started in 2016 as a videographer, photographer and editor, was the exact same way, and is ultimately one of my favorite parts about being an entrepreneur. 10:01 Media is another production company that I am the COO of and founded by, Darien Woodard. With Darien I’ve collaborated with other artists in our area to create meaningful art in the forms of film, music and photography. 

Through my major, I was able to incorporate my creative work into my school work. When coming up with creative content, I would find a way to meet the requirements of my professors, that way I could use it both personally and for class. For example, when filming the scenes for our 10:01 Media film “We Are Black”, I would use the opportunity to also record scenes that would work toward my class assignment. That way I got an “A” in class, and was also able to enter our official film into film festivals with the team. It was like killing two birds with one stone. It wasn’t always this simple because some jobs required more focus than others at times, and I couldn’t always give 100% to each every week, however, I tried my best to make up for it. 

My mental health is very important to me, so I try to always make personal time for myself and social life whenever possible whether that means watching a couple episodes of The Office or spending time with my closest friends. Sometimes I will get a little carried away with time, but time management is something that I am improving on. Creating lists and strict schedules help me prioritize, stay on track and visualize everything that I need to complete. Surrounding myself with like-minded and motivated people in all aspects of my life plays a big part in inspiring me to stay consistent with what I am doing, whether it’s in the classroom, my job, creative spaces and even my social life.  

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