Notes of Hope ‘19 Featuring Tiffany Evans & Cyrus Deshield

Saturday, March 30 a night full of amazing artist took the stage at the Kathedral Event Center in Hammonton, NJ for the 5th annual Notes of Hope benefit concert presented by LoveLee Productions and Love & Luxe.

Created by Lelai Givens, Notes of Hope was supposed to be a one time benefit concert. However, NOH quickly turned into an annual evening of music and continued hope for children in Liberia and Jamaica.

Efforts of Hope

Presented byLoveLee Productions, NOH is a platform for artist to showcase their talents and bring the community together in an effort to raise money for the partnering organization Faith Seeders Ministries,who directly work to support children in Liberia and Jamaica. 

Co-founder of Faith Seeders, Lesa Givens says she just returned from Liberia a few days prior to the NOH event and the needs are great.

“It’s a busy time. It’s nonstop and its overwhelming,” Givens explained. “The needs are great, but we have partners on the ground. We just focus and try to do what we can.”

Givens explained that Faith Seeders is not there to reinvent the wheel, but to be of support for those who continue to help their communities.  

“There are so many people on the ground doing great things so we go in and assist to empower them to continue doing things to help themselves and their families,” she said.

An active member of Faith Seeders, Leontyne Freeman explained that the amount of children Faith Seeders benefit are endless and the efforts are greatly appreciated by the kids in Liberia and Jamaica.

Freeman reflects back on their service trip to Jamaica when they noticed that toward the end of their trip some of the kids that were in school earlier in the week were not there anymore. Unfortunately, they were not able to come to school because they did not have shoes to wear. 

When Faith Seeders returned back home, they did a shoe drive which helped them to ship 3 barrels of shoes to Jamaica for children to go to school. 

“[These efforts] are the little things that we take for granted, but for kids in third world countries its a big deal,” Freeman said.

By putting on events like NOH, it helps to fund these efforts of Faith Seeders. 

Notes of Hope

Giving us her fun and uplifting personality, the MC of the evening was radio personality Mina of Mina SayWhat.Throughout the evening, Mina encouraged everyone to get on their feet to learn traditional African dances performed by Tajeva. At one point in the show, Mina even convinced a member of the audience to sing a song on the spot.  

The lineup of artist was especially a treat for those who came out to support. Featured artist included Eric SkyeTrippy Trip,King KumbaThe Huddle,MarjorieBerragamo,NaiqwanwanyaAdvoMike GuessSoundoftmw,Hillary GoodingKenya,CKKumbah,Brenda Phillips, and Microphone

In addition to these amazing performers, headliners of the evening were Grammy nominated artist Cyrus Deshield and recording artist/actress Tiffany Evans, who both had helpful words for aspiring artist.  

Deshied shared his keys to accomplishing success. 

“Don’t doubt yourself. Believe. Keep people around you who care and who love you. And work hard,” he said. 

Additionally, Evans stressed the importance of staying consistent with your craft. 

“Where people fall [short] is lack of consistency.Sometimes we get discouraged and we feel like it’s not happening fast enough, [but] timing is everything.” she explained. “Take one day at a time and don’t give up.” 

As for coming together as artist to benefit the greater community, featured rapper Mike Guess put it simply.

“It’s super easy to always take take take take take. I think life doesn’t really happen until you make life about someone other than yourself,” Guess explained. “So when you’re able to give back and do more than just what is going to benefit me, then that’s really when you start living.”

Photography by Will Daren

Ziajah Nellom

Editor in Chief

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