Quarantine and chill?

The Coronavirus has garnered government orders to be quarantined to our homes. This has left many of us separated from their families, friends and significant others. Dating in 2020 has never been more strange. We are now in the age of dating digitally. Hello, quarantine and chill! 

While you can still text and call your loved ones, being able to see your loved one in person can make being without your SO that much more difficult. With this in mind we’ve come up with 5 virtual date ideas for you and you’re Quarantine Bae!

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The Zoom/ Facetime Date

Zoom… the world’s favorite virtual meeting ground. Zoom memes have been all the rave over every form of social media! Instead of the classic virtual date step it up a notch by getting dressed up and eating the same meal. Yes, we’re suggesting you retire your selections of comfy sweats and PJs and put on something fancy… or sexy. Whatever you prefer! And agree on a dish for you both to eat during your Zoom or Facetime date.

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Couples Yoga

What could be more fun than exercising and staying healthy with your SO? Clear a space in your apartment to do virtual yoga with your SO. Call them on Facetime or Zoom and both of you tune into a free yoga class on youtube and get to stretching!

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Netflix and Chill?

It’s the age of bingeing. Agree on a Netflix show with your SO and watch together with Netflix Party! Text each other while the show is playing live with your comments. Ozarks anyone?

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Gift Giving

Just like when you’re away at college, a care package can come in handy now! Make a care package and send it to your SO! Fill it with notes for your SO to read daily in quarantine (I know you can do this through text but there’s something so intimate and heartfelt about getting a handwritten note from your SO), their favorite candy, medicine, and if you’re a creative make a video at home for you’re SO and save it a flash drive for you’re SO to watch later. Care packages are the equivalence of a warm hug! (UPS and USPS are still open during this time)

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Play games

Who said that just because we’re away from our SO we can’t still have fun? Heads UP, Animal Crossings, and Words with Friends amongst others are games you could play with your SO to help you connect even at a distance. 

How are you handling social distancing? Leave a comment to let us know what you’re doing to make time with you’re SO special.

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