Self Care during Quarantine & Beyond

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Remember when we kept looking forward to Fridays and longer weekends?

Well, due to the outbreak of the coronavirus and the government’s mandatory quarantine order, we essentially received what we “wanted”…?Just not quite how we’d expected or hoped. While this is a new and challenging time for all of us, whether it’s a job loss, not being able to finish school on campus, or just missing the free will to get up and live life out and about as normal; I personally want to encourage you to stay optimistic and hopeful as this too shall pass.

 In the meantime, use this time indoors to indulge in more self care practices and routines. The same energy we use to worry or question when this will come to an end and what happens next for us, could be used to appreciate the time we do have to pour back into ourselves. Honestly, think about it: what is the one thing you always wanted to do but put off doing as a result of being “too busy”? It could be as big as writing out the business plan or as small as doing your daily face mask every Friday night. Below, I list some mental, emotional, and physical self care practices you can incorporate in your daily self-quarantine routine and beyond. Because let’s face it, these can be incorporated whether we are quarantined or not.

Mental Self-Care – (activities that can be done to help declutter the mind from all the noise and reduce stress levels): 

  • Reading – it’s something magical about getting lost between the lines of a good book but if you aren’t into the old fashioned paper books, you can also listen to an audiobook. Amazon’s Audible has a 30 day free trial with your choice of an audiobook plus selected audible originals to listen too.
  • Mediation – the practice of being in control of your thoughts and channeling in on things that bring you peace and happiness is still something I hope to master one day. More importantly, it is learning to sit in your feelings and deciding to gently release negative feelings and emotions rather than have it consume you. Exhale negative feelings and emotions and inhale positive feelings and emotions. Pinterest has quite a few helpful meditation tips for beginners to try.
  • Social Media Detox – this could be turning off your push notifications, no social media the first 2 hours of the day and before you go to sleep at night, unfriending/unfollowing people you’re not friends with, posting less to do more, and the list goes on. Disconnect to connect with yourself.

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Emotional Self-Care – (activities that channel your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors thus allowing us healthier ways to handle stress and life’s problems): 

  • Journaling – one of my favorite things to do since elementary school is to dump every feeling, emotion, and concern onto the pages of my diary. It’s so intimate yet freeing. You should try it. Pinterest has a ton of journal prompts to get your brain juices flowing.
  • Listening to music – a great playlist is one of the best ways to channel in on your feelings and emotions. Music will forever bring the vibes and moods. I love Spotify as it has a variety of playlists for different moods and genres.
  • Communicating with loved ones – although we are social distancing, you should still take time more than ever to connect with family and friends via phone or video chat until you’re able to reconnect in person again. Even more, when you’re feeling down and need a safe place to express your feelings and thoughts. Sometimes sharing how you feel with the people you love and trust is the best feeling.

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Physical Self-Care(activities that improve your overall health and wellbeing)

  • Exercise/ Movement –  whether it’s a five minute walk around the block, full body stretches, or YouTube and zoom workout videos, you should definitely keep your body moving as it promotes overall good health.
  • Nutrition- Fueling your body with balanced meals, fruits, and veggies is one of the best ways to care for your body. Even better, is cooking your meals. It saves you a ton of money and you have more control of what goes into your body. If you have a recipe you always wanted to try, now is the time to try it!
  • Beauty Regimen – The same way you care for your inner body, you should do the same for your outer body as well. Now more than ever you can indulge and take your skin, hair, and body routine to the next level*(sings Ciara’s Level Up song in my head). Long baths, facial masks, body exfoliating scrubs, and learning new ways to care and style your hair are among the few things you can do to show yourself some extra TLC.

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Which one of the self-care practices will you or have you been incorporating in your daily self-quarantine routine? 

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