Serve Up The BEST Father’s Day With These 4 Fun Activities

Wow! It’s Father’s Day weekend already?! We know. Time is flying! Chances are you may want to do something special with the father figure in your life to show some appreciation, but you might be at a loss for ideas. That’s where we come in!

Here are 4 fun, low-cost activities you can do with Dad this Father’s Day (featuring pics of some of our favorite guys)!

Backyard BBQ!

Everyone loves food, especially dads! Instead of spending a fortune at a restaurant, try grabbing a pack of hot dogs, burgers, and buns (or whatever your family likes to eat) to throw on the grill at home. Don’t have a grill? No problem. Almost every local park has a designated section with open grills freely available for use. Grab your food, your dad, and some charcoal, and head to the park. It’s guaranteed your dad will not only appreciate the yummy grilled goods but even more so the effort and thought put into cooking for/with him! It’s a great bonding experience.

Shore Walk!

Thankfully, Father’s Day always takes place in June, a month that’s generally great for outdoor activities! Hop in the car and go for a mini road trip with your dad to the nearest shore for some boardwalk bonding time! The car ride will provide some time for you guys to chat and jam out to some music together with the windows down; then, once you get to the shore, take a casual stroll up and down the boardwalk together. You can grab an ice cream cone, slice of pizza, or even pack a lunch to enjoy together while people watching and enjoying the sea breeze! If driving isn’t your thing, you can even catch the bus. A number of buses provide cheap transportation to local beaches.

Game Night!

A little friendly competition won’t hurt anyone! Gather a few of your old board and/or video games, and designate a couple of hours with dad to roll some dye, shout UNO!, make some Monopoly investments, and wiggle your hips to Dance Dance Revolution. Game night is sure to provide lots of laughs and unbeatable quality time that we’re sure you and your dad will enjoy!

Movie Night!

Are old westerns, The Three Stooges, action films, or sports flicks your dad’s goto when it comes to TV? Whatever his film preferences are, it’s likely he’d love to have you kick back and watch a few with him (with minimal critical commentary). We can’t stress enough how important quality time with loved ones is, especially as we grow older. With increasingly busy schedules and endless distractions, it can be hard to carve out time to spend with those closest to us. We’re sure dad will appreciate you making time for him and his interests, plus you may even get a few good laughs in at his movie choices! You could even make a game out of it (i.e. both of you keep count of how many times Moe hits Curly).

That’s all folks! We hope you’re able to take one of these ideas and turn it into a day of fun and memories with your pop. We also want to say thank you and HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to all the loving dads out there!

Until next time!

Briana Lockman

Briana serves as Love & Luxe Media’s Director of Partnerships & Branding. A 2016 Rutgers University grad, she has pursued her talents in writing, marketing, and dabbled in brand management. Her forte? All things natural hair and #blackgirlmagic! Getting to work with and uplift black women is what she’s passionate about, which is why Love & Luxe has been a perfect fit. Fun fact: Briana loves to drawing and poetry. She even got certified in creative writing!

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