The Big Chop of 2019

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Recently, I discovered the podcast Dreams in Drive featuring host Rana Campbell. Through storytelling and collaborations, it’s a podcast that encourages young women to take their car out of park and go in the direction of their dreams. I encourage anyone to go check it out!

In episode 184, Rana discusses big chops and how they are necessary for growth. For those who may not know, in the black community, big chops are often referring to chopping off permed or damaged hair in order to revert back to our natural roots. After big chopping, Rana’s hair growth exceeded any other length throughout her life and like many other women on their hair journey, she couldn’t figure out why she didn’t big chop sooner.

The metaphor of big chopping transitioned into the importance of chopping things in our lives in order to experience the growth we’ve been pushing toward. How can we expect to see growth in certain areas if we are still holding on to the habits (dead ends) that hold us back? With this concept in mind, I’ve decided to big chop two things from my life: procrastination and cluttered Spaces.

The most valuable thing we have is our time, so when I say procrastination,  I’m talking about eliminating being “just” on-time. I’m talking about treating mine and other people’s time with the utmost respect. My goal is to get to my destinations 10 mins early or complete projects a day earlier in order to polish my work effectively. Any chance I get, I’m going to challenge myself with the test of time.

As for cluttered spaces, my objective is to keep all of the spaces I occupy in an orderly way. This could mean anywhere from my digital space to my work space to clearing out miscellaneous items in my purse. For me, a clear space equates a clear mind. By contributing habits of organization and tidiness, it will allow me to focus on my set goals for the day.

Now, I don’t expect to eliminate these habits over night. Just like our hair, some habits can be chopped off all at once. On the other had, for some, having a transition period is necessary until we can officially muster the courage to big chop. Remember to trust your personal journey and know that it’s all about finding what works for you.

What are two things you would like to big chop in 2019? Tell us below!

Ziajah Nellom

Editor in Chief

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