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Season 1 of “grown-ish” has officially come to an end, and my, oh my, it did not disappoint! Mid-season, we were craving for the show to touch on deeper topics that relate to current college life, and starting with episode 10, that’s just what it did. With race relations, social/political issues and activism brought to the table (later leading into a reemergence of Zoey’s love triangle) the last few episodes of the season show helped bring it to a new level.

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In episode 11, freedom of speech is brought into discussion. Zoey’s friends have severely contrasting political views and it gets in the way of their friendship. They talk about the importance of safe spaces and what it means to be able to voice your opinions. They do a great job of portraying how often times, college years are when many people begin to find their voice and what it is that they stand for. We have to applaud the writers for diving into these often tough, but also very topics.

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Episode 10 was also very intriguing. It touched on dating from the black woman’s perspective – a topic that I must say,  I didn’t necessarily expect to be covered in the Freeform show. Sky and Jazz vent about how they feel black women are often regarded as the least desirable when it comes to the dating scene. They talk about stereotypes and the fears behind interracial dating. Colorism is also brought into the conversation when Luca challenges Aaron for only pursuing light-skinned black or mixed women. It was a pleasant surprise to see “grown-ish” get into this issue that deeply affects the black community.

What everyone has really been buzzing about though, is Zoey’s love triangle. Yes, triangle. Things had been heating up between her and Luca, and there was obviously still a connection with Aaron. We thought these two were the only guys she was struggling to choose between, which was difficult enough. Then, the writers really decided to bring Cash back into the picture! Why? I do not know. Just in case you haven’t had a chance to watch the finale, I won’t spoil what her final decision was, but, in my opinion, it was satisfying. I found myself becoming more and more emotionally invested as the season drew towards its end.

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Does “grown-ish” have room to mature? Definitely. There are still ways in which the show feels a little surface-level, but, nevertheless, will I be watching season two? Yes. For this being its premiere season (and on Freeform, at that) I’d say that “grown-ish” developed quite well over the past few months. I’ll be looking forward to seeing how the characters, story, and depth develop come season 2.

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