These 4 Stylish Looks Will Get You Through the Winter

Winter may be ending next month, but with this snowfall, it feels like the cold is here to stay. Check out these four looks that are sure to keep you warm until Spring arrives.

Look One:

I used to love watching “A Different World” growing up. This look was inspired by Lisa Bonet, who had a very carefree Bob Marley style. This winter has been a bitter one, so when I spotted this top at Zara I clung to it like a makeup junkie at the drop of a new Fenty line. The fun and fuzzy texture paired with the structure of the straight leg trousers balances the look. I pulled everything together with a beret and my slim red sunnies to give it that true 90’s touch.

As for stepping out, this coat by Lucky Brand has been an absolute lifesaver this season. Thank you Nordstrom Rack for dropping the price below $100 (you sweet baby angel).

Look Two:

This outfit is one of my favorite looks this season! I found this gray Waterfall Duster at Missguided. I love that I can throw it over literally any outfit and look perfectly put together.  I lucked out and scored this sporty piece for only $2.40. Yes, girl. It was meant to be! I think they were trying to get rid of the few size tens they had left.

Underneath, I layered this Victoria’s Secret Chantilly Lace lingerie teddy over a forest green turtleneck from Urban Outfitters. I got a bucket load of compliments and most people thought the teddy and jeans were overalls! Oh, and don’t sleep on the URBN sale ladies. It’s actually a goldmine. I picked up these booties from Urban Outfitters last season for just $9.99.

Look 3:

This look features my pooch Peanut looking especially posh.  The jacket I’m wearing is a cozy, yet fabulous mink fur piece. I’ve paired it with a black velvet turban that I picked up from the beauty supply store. Are you over the fanny pack trend? I’m not…clearly.  It’s great for dog moms who are training their little ankle biters where to pee and where not to pee (I use it to hold Peanut’s treats).  The lipstick I’m wearing is Bite Beauty’s “Chai.” It not only gives a nice pop of color, but it also moisturizes and hydrates my lips. Post photoshoot, Peanut ingested the lipstick so I will be making a Sephora very soon.

The top is a basic laced up bodysuit from Nordstrom Rack. If you’re looking to buy leggings, check Garage for a durable pair. I’ve had these leggings for literally four years. They’ve seen many winters with no holes or runners. And yes, they’re better than American Apparel “Disco Pants.” Why? Because you can breathe.

Look Four:

Most days I don’t always look like the girl in the first three samples. That girl looks like she gets up at 7 am, makes cycle class at 8 am, hops on a train to her 9-5 in the city and comes home to cook a well-balanced meal. Most days I look like this girl. The girl who has taken unpaid internships in hopes of attaining her dream job. The girl who uses her stress to fuel her persistent work ethic. The girl who’s still in college and navigating her way through, well… life.

This is tired and overworked me enjoying tea at “Jersey, Java and Tea.” I’m sporting my favorite Victoria Secret sports leggings (the sheer panels are pockets, yassss!), my long sleeve sports top from Target (I’m a huge fan of thumb holes in the winter), and my new favorite kicks. My huaraches were looking as tired and overworked as I was, so I lunged when I saw these cuties by Adidas at Ross.

Which look is more your style for the cold months?

Ashley Carter

Events Specialist

Lover of all things fashion, food, and lifestyle, Ashley started in events as a junior in college. Excited by what she could bring to the event scene, she took on many projects in her undergrad years that allowed her to explore her passion for creation. She’s a hardworking Capricorn who leads a colorful life and has a hard time saying no. Enamored by her blackness she realized that her voice serves a purpose for the advancement of her sisters within the Black community. Graduating with her Bachelor Degree in Public Relations, Ashley’s excited to learn more as she continues to make strides in diversifying the industry.

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