Homebody Valentine’s Date Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank (Prices included)

Take the pressure off and save both of your coins this Valentines day.

Whether you and bae are deciding to celebrate on Thursday or this weekend, here are some v-day ideas that will keep your savings in check while still having the best night together—all from home.

Cook a Fancy Meal Together

Going out to a five-star restaurant is definitely an experience, but cooking a meal with your loved one can be unique as well. Not to mention a quarter of the price. I know for me, I would be the one to order something like baked dijon salmon w/ asparagus. Order that at a restaurant and you’re looking to spend around $60 plus tip. Opt for trying it at home for only $25. Here’s the recipe with instructions.

Price check: $25

Have a Chocolate Dip Night

Hmmm. I can taste it already. Chocolate covered strawberries, pretzels, Oreos, smores, you name it. Melt a bowl of Hershey’s chocolate and dip away at your favorite snacks. You can get everything listed above for around $16. And don’t be afraid to try something out-of-the-box like chocolate covered bacon. I hear it’s tasty.

Price check: $16

Paint and sip The Night Away

Paint and sips can be a bit pricey for two so why not grab your favorite bottle of wine and purchase your own canvases? Find a Paint and Sip video on Youtube and you’ll be able to paint at your own pace and drink as much wine as you’d like because you’re already at home. Boom. All you need is a bottle of wine, two canvases, paint and paint brushes.

Price Check: $28

Game night (Winner Gets a Kiss)

Order in a pizza or your favorite takeout and play classic games that you already have at home. Some of my faves are Uno, Jenga and Sorry. You’ll both have a blast beating each other all night at the games you forgot you had. No matter who loses, it won’t matter because you both get a kiss.

Price Check: $5.99 – $15

Spa Night But Make It Sexy

We could all use a night of relaxation. Lay out rose petals, light a few candles and take turns rubbing each other down. Odds are that you probably already have most of the items at home. For facials use a face massage cream and heat coconut oil for a nice body rub.

Price Check: $10 (or less)

Movie Night In

We all know snack prices at the movies are doing the most. Stay in and order a movie that isn’t on your subscription list and splurge on some of your favorite snacks. For the price of popcorn at the movies, you can easily get popcorn, candy, cookies, and the movie rental. No exaggeration.  

Price Check: $14 (or less)

How are you spending your v-day with bae? Are you going all out or scaling back to save them coins?

Ziajah Nellom

Editor in Chief

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