Was the di**k really worth it?

It’s true, when you don’t know your worth you start giving people discounts.

We can all agree that we have our share of dating horror stories. But these horror stories often have warning signs, bells, and whistles that come with it. We just choose to ignore them in the face of having “fun”.

I once slept with a guy who didn’t pay on the first date and he proceeded to eat MY food off MY plate that I bought MYSELF. (Now before you go all 21st century on me, this is a guy who had repeatedly asked to take ME out.)

I honestly couldn’t have told you what was going through my head at the time. But looking back on it now I can pretty much sum it up to two things: loneliness and lack of self-esteem.

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In my experience, both loneliness and lack of self-esteem are the reasons we seem to accept people into our lives, and more specifically into our beds, that are honestly unworthy of being there.

The truth is modern dating is filled with DMs, Tender Swipes, and random hookups. Figuring out who is and isn’t’ right for us is hard work.

Lucky for you, these dating horror stories often have hazard tape plastered all over them. The question is, will you choose to swipe left to sex even when you know the relationship isn’t going anywhere?

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Here are 4 warning signs that the d**k isn’t worth it.

Lack of future vision

I know when you just start dating someone you don’t automatically think, “I can see myself with this person forever.” But you can normally tell off the bat if the person’s characteristics are complementary to your own.

Lack of deep conversation

Sis, if the man you’re with can’t speak to you past the surface level what are you still doing there?

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You always have to make the first move

If your making the first move to text and set up dates for every interaction then it’s time to move on sis. You should be with someone who is just as dedicated to you as you are to them.

They don’t listen to you

This one may seem obvious but it’s easy to let a thing like this slide when we don’t have high self-esteem. Good communication is key for any relationship to successfully work. Don’t ignore these signs otherwise you’ll just end up wasting your time.

In the meantime, check out this app in the Apple Store called, “It isn’t a trend.” It’s the perfect self-love app that helps to better self-esteem daily.  

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