Ways to implement self- care into your daily routine

By Hayley Lomas
Sometimes when my life gets a little crazy I forget what’s important- self-care. If I let myself go everything else seems to fall apart! We’re all faced with obstacles every day, so having a solid, stable mind and body really helps you tackle them. It’s pretty easy to implement self-care into your everyday routine; here are ​a few self- care tips and tricks I typically use in my routine.

I try to focus on what’s important and relevant to my life. Anything outside of that just isn’t necessary and can weigh you down. Meditation is something I’ve been doing for a while and it helps me juggle my schoolwork, my social life, and my thoughts. There’s something so relieving and humbling to sitting down and appreciating every breath you take, and I believe it helps me keep my sanity in today’s world. With media constantly swarming us, it’s important to take a moment and slow down in order to really appreciate yourself- your existence, because you matter! It’s really hard for me to sit still, so meditation didn’t seem too appealing to me at first, but after I downloaded a guided meditation app, that changed. Meditation really helps me keep a center balance in my life, so I usually take 15 minutes before bed every day to do it.

Another thing I do to help me care for myself is journaling every morning after I wake up. Being able to write down your thoughts and reflect on them helps you learn about yourself and figure out how to solve your own problems, and how to become a better person. I used to physically write down how my day went in a journal, but I didn’t really like doing that, so I switched to online journaling; it’s the same exact thing except in an ongoing document. I find that in all of the chaos life presents us, finding order through reflection makes it a bit easier.

Taking care of your health and keeping up with hygiene isn’t difficult, and keeps you in good shape. I love putting on a nice face mask or getting a cute manicure. Basic hygiene plus some extra love and care for your body helps my mind and body work at peak performance. I try to work out 5 times a week, for about an hour, every morning. Running puts me in a meditative state so I do that, and I also lift some weights just to maintain mass.
The last thing I normally do to take care of myself is expressing my thoughts through work or hobbies. For example, I love writing, so I write stories. Finding passions keeps your mind stimulated from the unnecessary, irrelevant things that I said to ignore before.

Self-care practices really aren’t difficult, and after you set some time aside every day to implement them, you’ll find yourself in a much better state than before.


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