Your Networking Starter Kit is here. So Are Pics From  “Are You The One?”

Ahh! We just can’t get over Friday night. “Are You The One?” was such a success due to the lovely ladies who weathered through the storm and came to slay.

The Rowan Art gallery featuring Enamored Armor, which explores “the female figure as one of power,”  quickly became a room full of queens chatting, sipping virgin mimosas and exploring their own power.

While guest swapped business cards, over in the lounge area Unsung Heroes interviewed some of our amazing influencers as Curls gave out free hair care products. Our guest speaker Kimberly Williams blessed us with advice as we move forward in our journey as leaders and entrepreneurs. After a night of connecting and searching for a match, guest were connected with their “Are You The One?” matches sparking up even more conversation (See pics below).

If you haven’t joined us for an event yet, we have one question for you: What are you waiting for? There’s always room in the Queendom! Just in case you’re a little hesitant, we’ve done the honor of creating a Networking Starter kit just for you.

Here are some gems we picked up from Friday that make for finding the perfect match:

Be true to yourself

It’s totally cool if you’re more an introvert. If you know this, bring along a friend who is outgoing. (And vice versa to the ladies who know how to “werk” a room.)  They’ll be able to break the ice and when you feel comfortable enough break away. Don’t fret, you’ll attract the right people by simply being yourself.

Memorize your elevator pitch

I know, I know. When people say elevator pitch, it may sound super formal and a bit intimidating. In all actuality, it’s not about being perfect.  The most important features of an elevator pitch are: know your goal, explain what you do, be confident in what makes your brand/product unique.

Snap pics of business cards  

Let’s be real. We’re not the generation that holds onto paper. The one thing we never let go is our phones. Shoot a quick pic of all your business cards so you don’t lose any of the valuable connections you just worked so hard to get. Yes, getting connections is hard work! Don’t let it go to waste.

Jump into the convo

You’ll be surprised to find out how inviting people are. They want you to join the conversation. Now don’t be rude and cut people off mid sentence, but feel free to ease your way into any group. You may be able to add or gain something valuable just by introducing yourself and explaining what you do.

Pay attention to your body language

We may all know what resting bitch face is, but we don’t always know when we are serving it. Be sure to smile and keep your arms open. This way you’re a little more inviting to someone who may think you don’t want to be bothered.

Don’t be discouraged by someone else’s body language  

I know I just told everyone to smile more, but sometime people just can’t help it. Kimberly mentioned that you never know what a person may have gone threw that day… they may just need a hug. Take a leap of faith and introduce yourself to get them loosened up.     

Follow up  

If you really hit it off with someone, be sure to get in contact as soon as possible. Don’t wait around for them to reach out. You never know, they may have forgotten to snap a pic of their cards and lost all their connections at once. Let’s hope that didn’t happen. Either way, follow up with an email or message. Let them know you’d love to stay connected and collaborate in the future. Believe me, they’ll be so hype that you reached out!

Know that your voice matters  

It’s so important to know that the space we’re in is just as much your space as it is anyone else’s. Don’t be afraid to get out there and show people who you are. Know that you are unique and you add something valuable to the conversation, something we’re all dying to here.

So, what’s your voice sound like? We can’t wait to hear from you at our next event. Join our email list to get the latest on Love & Luxe news and updates.

*Photos Provided by @_brandoncaptures_

Ziajah Nellom

Editor in Chief

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