You’ve been rejected. What now?

By: Shaquierra Brown

Sis, it’s time we had the talk. I get it rejection sucks, but we all have a choice to make when it happens. We can either wallow in our rejection hopelessly falling into a deep realm of self-pity or we can turn it into a positive and learn from the experience. We suggest you choose the latter!

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Not every path is meant for us and that’s okay. Sometime’s the universe blocks certain paths from us to allow for new opportunities to flourish. It stings at the moment it’s happening, but we have to look internally to make the most of the outcome. In those moments think to yourself:

“How can I grow from this experience?” instead of “Why am I being rejected?

Rejections make us stronger mentally and force us to challenge ourselves to be better.

So, I challenge you to turn your rejections into an opportunity and grow from the experience. Here how.

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Get back up and try again

Have you ever heard the phrase “If at first you don’t succeed get up and try again”? Well, the phrase is pretty self-explanatory. If you don’t get it the first time don’t stop there! Success doesn’t begin and end on the first attempt, it takes time for success to happen. Just remember, whenever you’re in the dumps about falling down, the only true failure is when you stop trying.

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Ask for feedback

No matter how much schooling you have or how many job titles you’ve had, you’re never done learning. If you’ve been rejected ask what areas you can improve upon and what you can do to get you to the next step. Nine times out of ten, employers know exactly what they are searching for in a candidate, so why not ask them for their honest feedback of your interview or skills? If they take the time to give you feedback, take note of what they say and apply it to your next attempt (or attempts). No judgement here, sis.

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Be thankful

In order for you to grow from any situation, it’s important to look back on the experience in a positive light.  Be thankful for the opportunity that gave you a chance to put yourself out there. Be thankful that you didn’t get this opportunity because a much better one is on its way. This rejection is only giving you a chance to grow and be better for the next experience.

Remember, everyone is faced with rejection in their lives. You are not alone. I promise. The key to success is keeping a positive mindset and trying again because you’re the bomb dot com.

Tell us some ways you’ve dealt with rejection in the past?

shaquierra Brown

Founder & CEO

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